Driving Engagement Through Content: How Smart Brands Connect With Their Audience

Smart brands understand that in order to communicate their message in the digital space, they need to create entertaining content potential customers will naturally search for, watch and share.

Branded entertainment is effective because people are consuming content more voraciously than ever before and when brands align themselves directly with what their customers are interested in, they reach them at a very compelling level. At One Glass Video, we see the engagement this type of content drives on a regular basis and our approach to producing it employs the following guidelines:

  1. Identify topics of interest for target audiences
  2. Find natural integration points for brand messages
  3. Ensure originality and high production values

Oakley Aligns With Innovation

Recently, we produced a three-part web series for Oakley that highlighted creative design projects by innovative companies, including a design firm that re-imagined the postage stamp to fit into a modern digital world. Distributed through WIRED, the series reached the desired demographic in high numbers and served to identify Oakley as a company that is aware of and involved in design innovation and technology – key interests of their target audience.

While Oakley opted for a visible sponsorship through a front roll logo, organic and tasteful product placement can be incorporated into any scripted or narrative web series. Free from the traditional conventions of television or film, digital productions allow for experimentation with format, length and content. This generates opportunities for sponsorship and messaging that can be customized without the influence of a network or ratings. And while digital viewership numbers may not compare to film or television, the audience is highly targeted, driving more meaningful interactions.

There is no doubt that brands need more than traditional advertising to communicate with potential customers in the digital space. Branded content can help them stand out and reach their target audience. Watch the results of our collaboration with Oakley to see how effective it can be: