Live Streaming: The Cost-Effective, Measurable Way To Grow Your Audience Beyond New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Live Streaming (Corporate)

Many One Glass Video clients have found that webcasting or streaming video content can be a great way to expand their reach and boost the impact of their presentation or event. Learn more about how our clients are benefiting from this service to find out if Live Streaming can drive results for your next event.

Cost-Effective Engagement

Virtual events allow coordinators and participants to engage in a live conversation, bringing key participants together for a presentation without the costs associated with travel and lodging.

Recently, one of our not-for-profit clients needed to update its donors and supporters on the year’s progress via a panel conversation designed to field questions and garner continued support. Asking key donors to attend a live event in New York City would have been impractical if not impossible due to cost and logistical limitations. While there was a small live audience for the event, the convenience of global webcasting enabled the virtual audience to increase attendance fourfold.

Measurable Results

Virtual events are measurable because participants can be monitored and view numbers are logged in real time. This gives content creators instant feedback on when people tune out and tune in and post-event analytics reports that provide useful insights for future events. Participants can also submit questions to be fielded by presenters and recorded for future reference.

Our New York-based client, Luminary Labs, hosts a contest each year. They invite teams to develop and present innovative technology solutions in the field of diabetes care and medicine. Viewers are invited to watch their live pitches and vote on a winner. Our services make it possible for viewers worldwide tune in and participate.

Growth-Centered Solutions

Live webcasts allow businesses and marketers to reach more of their target audience. Putting an event together requires a lot of valuable resources and it’s always disappointing when a section of your audience can’t be present. Webcasting leverages the value of an event by reaching more people on the day of and allowing others to watch presentations on their schedule after an event is over. This can be especially valuable for a consumer facing business that offers live tutorials or training sessions.

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