Product Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much impact does a video have? We believe product videos make all the difference in communicating to potential customers about a product or service. Whether you want to feature a physical product, digital service, or app, our efficient video production process yields yields visually stunning, clearly communicated product videos.

  • Explain your products features clearly and effectively.
  • Demonstrate how your product is different from others
  • Show how a product works with live-action or animation
  • Reach your customers where they are

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How We Work

Before we get started on a product demo video, we always start by learning about your brand. What are your goals? Who are your customers? What problems have you faced in promoting a particular product? We may ask a lot of questions in our first conversation, but the result is a final video that directly reflects your brand, and most importantly achieves your goals. We don’t work with templates, and we don’t make assumptions.

So, we design a custom video strategy, and present you our ideas in what we call a “Production Book.” This is a document that contains a proposed script, visual strategy, mood boards, and casting auditions when applicable. You’ll find everything planned to perfection in one beautifully organized document. With your thumbs-up, we get to work.

We welcome creative collaboration along the way (after all, you know your brand best), but we don’t require it. If you’d like to be on the shoot, just give us your lunch order, and we’ll see you there. If you’d rather step back and let the magic happen, we’ll come back to you in a couple of weeks with a rough cut. Prepare to be delighted with the result.

We’ve been making product videos since before there were product videos (pretty close anyway), and we understand the craft. There’s rule with video on the web, if you can’t grab someones attention in 3 seconds, you’ve lost them. We take that rule seriously, and we make sure to create the most engaging and watchable content out there.

Of course, we’ll tweak it to perfection and help you post it to your site. We’ll check in with you and track results, and see if anything needs to be updated along the way. We’re committed to the long term success of our video, and your product.

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